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The influence of the surroundings and the relationship between place and identity are the focal points of my work. The place where we live conditions our acts, thoughts and way of life. It modifies our behavior, experiences and what we hold in our memories.


Most of my landscapes are simple representations of places I photograph on my daily commute or that I pass by in my neighborhood. Looking around and acknowledging what surrounds me has always had a big impact on the way I feel, see, and appreciate the place where I live. The diverse culture, the rich nature, the architecture, climate, roads are all ingredients of this multi-sensory environment. 


The concepts of change and displacement are also key parts of my work. Working with images of the places around me, specially from South Florida, not only gave me an idea of the junction of all these elements but also gave me a sense of belonging.


The overlapping and layering of different elements, the juxtaposition of texture, images and color allows me to reconfigure these places and images, revealing a personal interpretation of them.


I am a mixed media visual artist working with a wide array of materials mostly collage, transfers, acrylic, wood and photography.


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