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The place where we live conditions our acts, thoughts and way of life. Whatever surrounds us modifies our behavior; we change according to where we are and what we experience, adapting ourselves to the environment.


My work is about the psychological influence of the surroundings and the relationship between place and identity.  The work process starts with the manipulation of my own photographs of landscapes, places or objects that surround me. After working over those images I incorporates them to the work, setting them over abstract collages, generating a new space and a new relationship between them. The abstract collage is a way of representing the junction of texture, matter and color of the landscape, which are rearranged into a new image.


My work becomes a tangible and personal reinterpretation of the internal awareness of the outer space. In my latest series of work, most of the images are from my daily car commute. By the observation and the registration through the photography I start a process of appropriation and representation of these places, making them a part of my experience.


I work with different mediums such as acrylic, ink, collage, photography, transfers and assemblage. 


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